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Reducing the waste of plastic bags

At home the plastic bags are bulging out of your cupboard. And at the store, you've forgotten your bag once again and you have to buy a new one. The 'BagBubble' is a brilliant and yet simple initiative that strides against unnecessary plastic usage. The 'BagBubble' can be found in more then 500 supermarkets, schools and libraries in The Netherlands. You can dispose your extra plastic bags into the BagBubble or grab one for free when you have forgotten yours.

The concept of the BagBubble is intended to be copied. The more the concept is copied, the sooner the goal of the BagBubble is reached: to reduce the waste of plastic bags and create environmental awareness. The BagBubble has already played an important role in consumer awareness in The Netherlands. The number of prizes won by the BagBubble (including a major prize of the European Commission) shows a broad support in society.

An independent research, under orders of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, has calculated the expected environmental impact of this initiative in The Netherlands. Using a conservative estimate, that is, use of the BagBubble will cause up to 33 % reduction of the total in the amount of plastic bags sold in the Dutch supermarkets. According the independent research consultancy this project will make a substantial contribution to a cleaner environment and it will also make a relevant contribution to the environmental goal to push back the plastic waste. Besides that, there will be a reduction of (waste combustion) emission of millions of kilo's of C02. At the same time this initiative will raise environmental awareness amongst the citizens and consumers.

The BagBubble started as a 'civilian initiative'. Caroli Buitenhuis is the initiator of the BagBubble, she came up with this idea standing in the supermarket without a plastic bag, thinking of her cupboard at home full of plastic bags. She didn't want to bring more bags into the environment and decided to do something about it. Caroli Buitenhuis is a consultant on environmental issues.

The BagBubble was the winner of the Public Vote at the international challenge Mission Sustainability in november 2007. Caroli received this prize in Berlin, on an international sustainability congres from chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand. The BagBubble also won several other prizes and nominations.

Presentation for More4nrg
Recently the BagBubble was presented as Best Practice for 30 European sustainability experts. For more information: Best Practice BagBubble.

To order a BagBubble
To order a BagBubble, mail to info@bagbubble.eu. A BagBubble costs 248 euro, excl. VAT and transport. It is possible to redesign the print according to your own wishes (275 euro, excl. VAT, transport and excl. costs for graphic designing). The BagBubble is a c2c-design.

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